Historians in Hereford

In the Middle Ages Hereford Cathedral was a major international centre of learning. Then, as now, it attracted scholars to study its library holdings.

Each year MA, MPhil, and PhD students in the History Department (and indeed beyond in the Faculty of Arts) who are developing their research skills as medievalists benefit ¬†from visiting Hereford for a study day. The purpose of the day is to focus intensively on codocological analysis and palaeography. As one of this year’s participants commented: “We had a lovely day. And it was useful, too!”. Well, who could ask for more?

In 2014/15 the date for studying medieval codices and charters written for (or even in) Hereford was 5 December – we took some pictures on the day which we hope you will enjoy.

Anke Holdenried
MA Programme Director (History)
Unit Coordinator “Research Skills for Medievalists”

Hereford Cathedral_book
Hereford Cathedral_Day
Hereford Cathedral_night
Hereford Study in Progess_all
Hereford Zhang and Tom
Hereford_charter with hole

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