About Us

Who? This is the blog of the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Bristol. We’ve only just begun, but we hope that before too long we will have many fascinating posts written both by our staff and students.

What? It is a straight forward history blog. The intention is bring our historical research to a broad audience, as well as sharing our experiences and expertise as historians. Given the breadth of interests in the Department, topics will no doubt range in subject matter from paganism to humanitarianism, from medieval Paris to colonial Shanghai, from nudists to salmon…

Where? Bristol! But not just at the university. The Department is involved in a number of public engagement projects connected to the city and its rich history. There is the annual festival of history, Past Matters. The ‘Know Your Bristol’ events, exploring local heritage through the eyes of Bristol’s communities. And the Cabot Project that takes the history of John Cabot’s explorations to schools in Bristol.

Why? History blogs are everywhere, including a fantastic blog helping historians to blog. Blogging is an immediate and interactive way for us to be part of that online conversation, and to demonstrate the relevance of historical research to understanding the world today.

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